EA President ‘Looks Down at’ World of Goo

6 01 2009


Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, has taken a minor pop at 2D Boy’s World of Goo and, in true indie fashion, 2D Boy have struck back, branding Moore a ‘indignant, self-righteous bigwig’.

Moore recently posted on his official EA Sports blog stating his disappointment at Eurogamer for not featuring Fifa 09 in their Top 50 Games of the Year. He also commented:

“World of Goo? I’m sure it’s fun, and the reviewers certainly loved it, but surprised to see up so high.”

Ron Carmel of 2D Boy clearly found this hilarious, and posted on the 2D Boy Blog:

“2D BOY takes it as compliment, honored that world of goo has crept this far into mainstream awareness (also derives sick pleasure from industry bigwig’s indignant, self-righteous incredulity)”

Harsh words, but still rather funny. Check out Moore’s original post to see what he is blabbering on about.




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3 05 2009
World of Goo

World of Goo – the best game! I love this game!

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