Gravity Bone: Block-headed Espionage

6 01 2009


Here’s one we recommend you try out. Clocking in at 15 minutes of awesomeness, Gravity Bone delves into the world of spies and it’s rather odd.

Surrounded by block-heads and extremely strange scenes, this first-person piece of genius gives the player random espionage missions to fulfil, without ever explaining why exactly they are being undertaken.

Featuring ‘The Furnace Room’ where missions are delivered, the ‘Ball-Peen Hammer’ used to break locks and birds which explode after having their picture taken, you should definitely give Gravity Bone a try. It’s just 15 minutes long and finishes off with the most utterly desultory and brilliant ending I have possibly ever seen in a game.

Grab your free copy from the official Blendo Games site.




2 responses

6 01 2009

This is a nice little time waster and it don’t looks bad for the quake 2 engine. I would recommend it if they like assassination and weird missions which can not explained.

13 01 2009
Atom Zombie Smasher: Blendo Games’ Latest Thriller «

[…] out of releasing their latest masterpiece Gravity Bone, Brendon of Blendo Games has revealed the next game on the agenda – the ridiculously named Atom […]

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