Little Big Planet Level Based on thatgamecompany Gets Recognition

6 01 2009


A level created for Little Big Planet which is based on developers ‘thatgamecompany’ and their games has earned itself some recognition.

Gaming News site 1UP has posted a list titled ‘1UP’s 10 Favorite User-Generated Little Big Planet Levels (So Far)‘ and the thatgamecompany-based level managed to enter the chart at number 7.

Created by user Amish_Granish, 1UP’s Shane Bettenhausen explains:

“While we haven’t received official confirmation as to whether or not this stage actually hails from thatgamecompany, it certainly appears to. And even if the level itself feels a tad simple and insubstantial, it contains visual nods, along with some neat thatgamecompany-inspired unlockable items. Assuming that this is a legit creation from the developer, it bodes well for other game creators to join the LBP fray.”

thatgamecompany’s Kellee noted the level in his latest blog post, where the creator Amish has posted a comment in response.




One response

23 05 2012

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