Now That’s a Whole Lotta Ninja

6 01 2009


Ten Ton Ninja. Quite a confusing name, if you ask me, since, while the game does include a ninja, he (or she – let’s not be sexist here) doesn’t appear to be ‘Ten Ton’… nor does anything else.

However, besides including a ninja, Ten Ton Ninja also has some pretty nifty gameplay. Your objective is to fire your ninjarope at floating orbs and then swing around the screen collecting all the jewels, while also filling up your Ninja Power so you can be even more ninja like.

Of course everything is out to stop our ninja friend. Not only is time against us, but as the levels progress, many obstacles and enemies begin to rear their ugly heads.

With a level editor and online high score boards, it’s well worth a look. Grab it from the Addictive 247 site.




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