Overgrowth Alpha Available to Pre-orderers

6 01 2009


A new build of Wolfire’s upcoming action-adventure game has been released and is available in the Overgrowth ‘Secret Pre-order Forum’ for those who, obviously, have pre-ordered.

Jeff from the Wolfire team explains:

“New this week is a bunch of multiplayer improvements, new and more optimized shadow, and some new map editor things from Phillip. With this alpha, we are going to start working towards our first “blessed build”. For the next week or two we are not going to be working on new engine features, but rather polishing and optimizing our existing code base… Aubrey has a bunch of hot art, models, and levels to reveal soon, but the main focus is to get a solid build out so we can do some serious testing.”

Head on over to the official Overgrowth site for all the details. You can pre-order it there too, if you feel like spending cash on a whim. The game is to be released over Steam, so I’ve managed to secure an exclusive interview with the team which I will post to Steamfriends as soon as it’s done, then link to from here, if that’s alright with you.




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