Introversion Producer’s Side-Project ‘Xiotex’

7 01 2009


The producer of Subversion, the upcoming Introversion game expected to be released this year, has been working on a little something extra.

Byron of Introversion Software had an idea for a game he likes to call Xiotex and recently decided to follow the idea up. In a blog post on the Introversion site, Byron explains:

“Every game coder (well, most of us anyway) has at least one game in them that they are just itching to make. For me this game is ‘Xiotex’ (working title – never really known what to call it). I decided recently that I would actually get around to making this game soon – especially since Introversion for some insane reason decided to make me the producer of Darwinia+ and while I am still not really sure what a producer does, I do know it means less coding. So I need to get my coding fix somewhere!”

Along with displaying the latest status on the project, he also linked to an official site he has dedicated to the game. It will be rather interesting to see where this goes.




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