Have You Played… Minotaur China Shop

8 01 2009


Because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on a smashing good time.

Created by Flashbang and launched on their games experiments site Blurst less than a month ago, Minotaur China Shop isn’t your average flash game experience.

Taking controller of a Minotaur who has been giving the task of working in a china shop as a punishment for past wrong-doings, gameplay involves listening to customers orders, finding the correct fragile objects and delivering them safely to the punter. Of course, the problem is… you’re half man, half bull.

Spending half the time completing your mission and the othe half of the time delivering the precious china to the floor instead, it won’t be long before your raging ways pick up again and your little red devil goes into RAGE MODE. While raging, rather than gathering money from customer, you gain cash on your Rage Insurance for every piece of china broken – that is, until the guards manage to put you down with tranquilizers.

Playing over 7 days and featuring advanced levels to unlock using your cash and even its own set of achievements, Minotaur China Shop is a great little piece of flash to while away a couple of unwanted hours. Head over to Blurst and unleash the rage in you.




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