Ecological Warfare: Conflux by Lexaloffle

11 01 2009


Conflux is Lexaloffle’s take on the ecosystem and it looks to be shaping up well.

The basic concept behind the madness is to float around destroying other species who are threatening your existance, but at the same time keep the ‘eco-balance’ – in other words, you’ll need certain species to survive too!

Still in development, it apparently “won’t be available for a long time“, according to the official Lexaloffle site, but the video supplied looks genuinely interesting.

Features included are:

  • Particle-based creatures with emergent flocking behaviours.
  • Special software renderer for a novel 2-channel colour space.
  • Full screen antialised rendering.
  • Hyper-kujaku! Break into 4 simultaneously controlled peacocks.
  • Time-altering pickups.
  • Will be available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Go check out more at the Conflux site.




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