Gregory Weir Talks About ‘…Majesty of Colors’

11 01 2009


Poetry in motion, this one is, and now the poet behind it has done a ‘postmortem’ on his work.

Posting on GameSetWatch, Gregory Weir has delved into his work on ‘I Fell in Love With the Majesty of Colors‘ and gone into extreme details about what exactly he was thinking at the time of creation. It’s another great insight into the mind of an indie developer and it’s really interesting to see where all the madness sprung from.

A quote from the column:

“My main regret from development is the lack of organization to my program structure. Due to the drawn-out development of the game and the complexity of the multiple endings, I didn’t modularize or order the code as well as I would have liked. The main gameplay code is frankly a mess, full of conditionals for all parts of the game. If from the beginning I had adopted a structure for game scenes and events, I think I could have made a more detailed and complex plot with more responsiveness to the player’s actions.”

Don’t worry, Greg, I’m pretty sure no-one noticed.

Read the column in it’s entirety now at GameSetWatch.




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