Join Greentech: Save the World

12 01 2009


Forget recycling, solar panels and taking public transport – Greentech is the new way to save the world.

Vertigo Games‘ methodology is so simple, it’s a wonder the government haven’t picked up on it before! Players control the wind using a cyclone and lead clouds of pollution into cleansing factories, while making sure the clouds don’t touch the cyclone itself. Oh, and the clouds have a few other obstacles too. I mean, a solution to Global Warming wasn’t going to be THAT easy, right?

Every mistake you make causes the Global Warming percentage to rise – hit 100% and we’re going to have a few… problems.

Apart from being the kind of mad scheme someone like Al Gore might come up with, Greentech is also rather fun. The sense of urgency and pandemic situations you find yourself in keep the game pumping and will keep you playing.

So what are you waiting for? You know what they say – Play the Greentech, Save the World.



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