Wanna Picture: IGF Finalist ‘Snapshot’

12 01 2009


Let’s take a look at another IGF 2009 finalist. Snapshot is your standard 2D platformer… nah, I’m joking, course it’s not.

The concept goes like this – take a picture of an object while you’re moseying along and it will transport to your photo album. From there, you can place any of your pictures back into the level. It’s a puzzle game, see?

So for example, it the screenshot above, the player would take a photo of that wooden box in the top right, then place the picture back down on top of the button below, so that the box falls on top of the button, hence opening a nearby door and allowing the player to keep on their way. Clever indeed.

According to the official Snapshot site, the game is still in ‘very early development stages’, so don’t expect it anytime soon. However, there is a nice video to watch. So watch away.



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