Overgrowth: Map Editor Progression

13 01 2009


Wolfire have been putting a lot of time and effort into a nifty map editor for their upcoming game Overgrowth, and have been looking in many different places for inspiration.

Posting on their official blog, team member Phillip explains that Wolfire want Overgrowth ‘to have lots and lots of content’ and a map editor is a surefire way to make sure that damn well happens.

He mentions lots of different editors, including Blender, Valve’s Hammer Editor and even some in-game editors like Little Big Planet’s and Far Cry 2’s.

Also supplied is a nice big diagram of how exactly the foundations of the editor are shaping up. Map editors are of course always a great addition (especially coupled with a great community base), so this is wonderful news.




2 responses

13 01 2009

I do believe it is Overgrowth, not Overgrown…

13 01 2009

Indeed it is, clearly I had a thing for the word ‘grown’ this morning. Altered

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