Exclusive Preview: Taking Zero Gear For a Spin

14 01 2009


Karting games are always a barrel of fun – the mix of simplistic driving, silly weapons and huge laughs is (normally) quite the combination.

I’ve been giving Nimblebit’s latest take on the genre a go and, although it’s still looking to be in its early stages, the form Zero Gear is taking appears to be pretty spot on.

Before I went for a drive I had a mess around with the driver and kart customization. You may or may not be able to tell from the above shot, but I decided The Stig of Top Gear fame deserves a whirl around the Zero Gear track, and while the number of different objects selectable is pretty thin on the ground right now – but clearly will be bumped up as development progresses – I still managed to put off what I believe is a likeable clone of the driving god himself (albeit wearing his pimp jacket; clearly on the look out).


After fiddling about, I got into the game itself. Upon joining a server with a ping of 140, I was met with an entirely unplayable scenario. My car repeatedly drove through the walls and there was no control over car or camera whatsoever. While the simple solution is clearly ‘CHOOSE A DIFFERENT SERVER, NIMWIT!’ I couldn’t help thinking this may cause problems in the not-so-distant (released) future.

After creating my own server, however, I experienced a standard karting experience not far from the likes of Mario Kart or Crash Racing. The kart handled smoothly and powering round the track was a piece of cake. Of course, I was completely alone which made it rather simple and… lonely… And the use of the games items were lost on me (since I had no-one to use them on!)

In the next few days I will attempt to join some of the developers and testers in a game and then report back on how the multiplayer handles. Of course, as of yet I have only seen the racing – it will be interesting to see what the minigames are like.

So my first impressions are: Start your engines! I look forward to following this over the next few months.

Head over to the official Zero Gear site for more info.




3 responses

14 01 2009
David Marsh

Thanks for the brief impressions! We will try to find a time to jump into a server with you.

We are currently working on a big change to the networking and physics system to try and make the game more playable at higher pings, I think Brian is going to make a blog post about it soon.

3 03 2009

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30 07 2009

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