Have You Played… Eets

14 01 2009


‘A fun combination of Lemmings and the Incredible Machine!’ claims the tagline for Klei Entertainment’s 2006 classic ‘Eets’. Yeah, it’s something like that.

In fact it’s so difficult to explain the gameplay behind Eets that that description is going to have to do. Our little Eety friend is going for a brisk stroll and it’s your job to make sure he gets to his destination safely. This is where the Lemmings bit comes in – he doesn’t exactly understand the difference between ‘floor’ and ‘edge’.

Fortunately, the Incredible Machine part jumps in to save the day. Using set items for each level (such as pills to change the mood of the Eet and a spitting whale), he can be catapulted and manipulated across the screen until he reaches his goal. It’s pretty simple stuff to begin with, but it becomes oh so much more difficult later on.

Voted Game Tunnel’s 2006 Casual Game of the Year, Eets is available from the official site for $10. It’s also on Steam, too!




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