Shift Into Zero Gear

14 01 2009


Another ‘physics-fueled’ game, it seems to be quite a trend these days. No matter, though – I mean, since when was gravity a bad thing, eh?

Zero Gear is the work of a 2-man team, consisting of one David Marsh and one Brian Cronin (who is apparently a panda, although I’m not completely sure if I believe this), who together form Nimblebit. The tagline describes Zero Gear as ‘a physics-fueled, multiplayer kart combat game’, which sounds like a bit of alright to me.

The two big selling points of the game are the level of customization a player can achieve fiddling around with their kart for a while and the crazy minigames. Currently in beta development stage, it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The official trailer is below – give it a watch.




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