2D Boy Talk World of Goo, Project Runway and Giant Rocket Ships

16 01 2009


Indie developers always give the best interviews and 2D Boy are no exception.

Talking to Eurogamer, they discussed World of  Goo… in a round about sorta way. The best bits, though, are when they completely go off on one:

Eurogamer: The MOM character is fascinating. I don’t think there was anyone playing who thought, “I was totally expecting MOM to appear.” Where did she come from?

Kyle Gabler: Full Throttle. What was the name of the character on the motorcycle in the 3D fighting road? Father something.

Eurogamer: Father Torque.

Kyle Gabler: Yeah! He felt, to me, to be like an angel, or god-esque character. There was choral music playing in the background. MOM is a combination of him and Norma Desmond, if they were a web 2.0 app. Tragic, lonely. And she inadvertently sets up the events that lead to the climax of the game. MOM was the biggest risk. I was afraid people would get to her and say “WTF”, and close the game and never come back.

Check out the whole interview over at Eurogamer.




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