Have You Played… Trials 2

16 01 2009


For a game that involves just 4 different button presses, Trials 2 shouldn’t be this much fun.

I mean, there is that sense of FRUSTRATION there when you fail to make that jump for the umpthteenth time… and yet you continue to play, helpless, unable to pull yourself away because you know, deep down inside, that you CAN make that jump, damn it!

Redlynx don’t appear to be asking much of the player – simple drive your bike from one side of the 2D level to the other, but the dynamic physics (there they are again!) make sure you come crashing down to earth with a crunch for every single jump you attempt.

Available on Redlynx’s official site and also through Steam for $10, it’s a nice little filler for one of those rainy days you’ve heard so much about.




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