Walkie Tonky: It’s Smashing Time

17 01 2009


UPDATE: I’ve now played the demo and it’s definitely worth a look-in.

Back in the day when I used to think that ‘Rampage’ was good, I couldn’t think of anything better than marching through a city, laying waste to everything around me.

Of course Rampage was a horrible game and when I grew up a little a realised this – however, my appetite for destruction remained (largely) unquenched. Walkie Tonky could well be the answer to my smash and crash needs.

In development by Pieces Interactive, it’s a physics-based action game (yet ANOTHER) which sees the player controlling a huge stomping robot on a quest to invade Earth and destroy the human civilization.

A demo is available, although on writing this news post I am still yet to have a go of it as the download doesn’t appear to go very fast at all… but check it out and see if you have more luck than me.

Also have a gander at the trailer below. It gives an idea of what to expect.




2 responses

19 01 2009

We had some bandwidth problem, but we’re trying to fix it now. You can download the demo from:



19 01 2009

It’s pretty fun

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