Wolfire: ‘Guys Are Scaring Girls Away from Overgrowth’

19 01 2009


The topic: Girls playing computer games. The argument: Boys are scaring them away.

Or so says Jeff from the Wolfire team. In a post on the Wolfire blog, Jeff tackles the subject of whether or not girls will play Overgrowth, their upcoming action-adventure game.

Using a few different sources, including the Wolfire forums, a name analyser and – Lord have mercy on us all – Facebook, he comes to the conclusion that girls are not contributing to the chatter on their forums due to the lack of respect from the male players who are reacting to the presence of females with ‘a lot of weird stuff’.

Jeff still believes, however, that the number of females players for Overgrowth will be higher than the average game, stating that 7% of their Facebook group being female is a very good sign.

Of course, it could just be that girls use Facebook way more than boys… but let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?




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