Veggies Beware: It’s Super Meat Boy!

20 01 2009


One Meaty special to go! It’s your favourite dinner-time superhero Meat Boy, back again to splatter meat and blood… but this time, he’s Super!

Yes, Super Meat Boy has been announced. Headed by one Edmund McMillen and a few of his posse, McMillen posts on his blogspot:

“The following images are from a big project ill be throwing a lot of my time into this year, a little game called Super Meat Boy!

Super Meat Boys release platform is still a secret… but im sure a few of you can assume how we intend to release it. Either way it will still be released for PC and maybe Mac by the end of the year.”

Along with the post, he supplies images of the revamped Meat Boy himself, along with his meaty damsel in distress and the evil villain.

I’ll keep you up to date with all the goings on there, but while you’re waiting, why not try the original out on Newgrounds. Just don’t try too hard, or you may pop a vein – it’s freakishly difficult.




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