Have You Played… DEFCON

21 01 2009


The tagline alone should be enough to make you want to play this game.

Described as ‘The World’s first Genocide ’em up‘, DEFCON is the creation of Introversion Software, the guys behind the upcoming Subversion and side-project Xiotex. Players are asked to set up their nation in preparation for nuclear war, then given the go ahead to rain down nukes on those who oppose them.

Your prespective is of the entire world so you can see the bombs flying and the destruction they cause. Set in stages, it’s extremely inventive – surprisingly so, for a game where you technically just blow stuff up. The first play-through is always the weirdest – especially when you start seeing the words ’30 MILLION DEAD IN PARIS’ flashing up after your bombs hit. Some will feel odd, while others will just feel oddly powerful.

Inspired by the 1983 cult film Wargames, the game is available to play as both a single and multiplayer experience. Give the demo a download off Steam and if you like it, give the full version a try.




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