Hey, You, Get Outta My Monospace!

21 01 2009


Or: ‘In Monospace, No-one Can Hear You Solving Puzzles”. Something like that.

Available from today on the iPhone/iPod Touch, Monospace is a rather nice idea. Created by ‘Faber’, players must slide a blue block around a cube by making it pass through all the white blocks, and hence complete the level. The cube is spinnable with the flick of a finger and it looks simple enough.

However, there’s a catch – some of those white blocks seem un-reachable! Ahh! Calm yourself, child, for this is where the magic comes into play. Double tapping the screen causes the 3D scene to collapse into a 2D square – meaning blocks which were technically apart from each other a second before may now be positioned directly next to each other! Ahh!

What starts off as quite an easy concept to follow soon becomes nice and mind-boggling and makes for a great puzzler.

Check out the trailer below and then consider giving it a purchase from the iTunes store for a measly $1.99. Yes that’s right – $1.99! Honestly, you couldn’t afford NOT to miss it for that price.




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