A Game That’ll Grow on You: Grow Tower

22 01 2009


If you spend the occasional night laying waste to every flash game the world wide webbers has to offer, chances are you’ll have stumbled across Grow Cube.

Provided with a cube and 10 different available items, you place the items in turn onto the cube and crazy stuff starts happening. However, while there are dozens of different things to see and orders to place the objects in, there is only one true solution which will ‘max out’ all the items and giving you victory bragging rights.

Of course, Grow Cube was so simple, yet so genius. So thank god ON from Eyezmaze has created a brand new Grow game! Titled Grow Tower, it’s a much more simple affair this time around with only 5 items to choose from, but it’s just as fun and the results are even more crazy this time around.

Power your way over to the Eyezmaze site now and check out what all the fuss is about. And after you’ve finally given up, watch this lovely solution on how to complete the damn thing. I sure as hell had to.




3 responses

22 01 2009

Woo! I haven’t played a grow game in ages. I was so happy to see this here! Solved in seven.

22 01 2009

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Last Christmas Day I spent an hour in the morning playing Grow Cube, trying to remember which order to put them in, haha

22 06 2009

could you tell me how to winit?

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