Crazy in Space: ‘Mayhem Intergalactic’ Lands on Steam

23 01 2009


Inventive Dingo’s IGF 08 Student Showcase Winner ‘Mayhem Intergalactic’ has now found its way onto Steam, and for the first week it’s half price! Light-speed awaaaay!

With the winners of this year’s student award recently announced, it’s nice to see one of the past winners blasting into areas a-new. Mayhem Intergalactic is a space strategy game in which players can battle against the CPU or play against friends. It also apparently has ‘a stirring dynamic soundtrack’, ‘interesting and varied tactical situations’ and ‘an alien wearing a monocle’. Yeah, you know you’re interested.

Get it half price from the good ol’ Steam store or maybe head on over to the official Inventive Dingo site and read up on it first. The choice, as always, yours. Oh – there’s also a demo too.




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