It’s Aliiive! Polytron Take Over Fez

24 01 2009

fezIf there was any doubt about how the IGF08-winning Fez was progressing, there’s been an official release by Polytron:

“The Polytron Corporation is proudly excited to announce its friendly takeover of Fez!

Winner of the 2008 IGF Excellence In Visual Arts Award, Fez also features 2008 IGF nominated design innovation.

Polytron is vibrating with glee at the prospect of bringing it’s much needed decades of experience in the field of computer entertainment to Fez, and its team.

Confident in its dedication to the project, Polytron projects a release in 2009.”

So it’s still heading for a 2009 release, it would seem. For now, head over to their site and check this beautiful beast out in all its glory.




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