Dish Washington: Is That a Sud in Your Eye Or…

25 01 2009


The 2nd of 10 winners from the ‘Student Showcase’ shortlist for IGF 2009 that I’m giving the check out and compared to City Rain – the first I gave a go – there really is no contest.

A mod for Half-Life 2: Episode One, the big hype-worthy point about Dish Washington is the fact that each of the parts which make up the game (e.g. the music, the graphics, the ‘storyline’) were developed by a different person from a different place in the world. Altogether 9 different people – collectively Dadiu – contributed to this extremely odd offering and it makes me wonder whether, separately, each submitted piece is technically nicely done… is it just putting them all together that made such a wtf situation of a game?


I mean, I get humour. Haha, funny funny, chuckle chuckle etc. In Dish Washington players assume the role of a dragon-cum-crocodile who likes to rhyme and shout random words while boogying to the same piece of music over and over and OVER again. Gameplay revolves around taking dirty dishes, scrubing them to the beat, racking them up for drying, and repeat… and it’s apparently a PARTY.

The rhyming dragon-thing didn’t tickle my funny bone, nor did washing dishes. Maybe it’s just late at night and in the morning I’ll find it hilarious – I’ll update you if this is the case. But honestly, how this made the top ten submitted is beyond me. Graphically it’s pretty average, the music isn’t anything special and it lasts the whole of 5 minutes.

Now please, leave me while I attempt to scrub all remnants from my hard drive.




One response

23 05 2012

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