Time For a Bit of Closure

27 01 2009


Tyler Glaiel has released an extremely exciting puzzler over on Newgrounds which revolves around balls of light helping you through the darkness.

Glaiel posted about Closure over on his blog about a month ago and has now released the full version. Available to play now on Newgrounds, it really is a beautiful piece of work and definitely deserves your time. Players must attempt to reach the exit door on each stage, but can only walk in the light – upon entering the darkness, the little stick man will simply fall to his doom.

Balls of light can be carried around to keep the light flowing, but the puzzles are so incredibly thoughtful, you may find yourself getting stuck very early on. Once you ‘get it’ though, you’ll find yourself have a hell of a lot of fun.

Give it a go now and let the darkness engulf you.




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