Fez: Out With the Old, In With the New?

28 01 2009


The Polytron Corporation have posted a comparison between how Fez looked a year ago and how it looks now.

Polytron took over the production of the IGF winning indie classic-yet-unreleased only recently, but it looks like their influence has already begun to shine through.

The big debate is whether the change is good or not. Over on the Polytron site, some fans are voicing their concerns. One poster commented:

“First off, the game looks great. But I liked the old graphics better than the new ones (at least partially, some new tiles are better.)”

Another had a solution which may or may not be a simple way to please everyone:

“i like the old FEZ better…the new one is just too busy…hopefully they provide two tile sets to choose from”

Of course whatever happens, players will just get used to how it looks when it is released, so these complaints are probably unjustified. Personally I can see what Polytron were going for, giving it the more retro look of a platformer over the original polished design, but I have to agree that the old look appeared to fit slightly better.




One response

28 01 2009

My first opinion is : new tiles are great, espacially the ones on the bottom that have much more reliefs in the new design than the old one.
My secondary opionion is quite the same than your opinion : whatever the tiles look like at the end, we will get used to them.

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