All I Do Is Play Computer Games: Bars of Black and White

29 01 2009


Personally, I think Gregory Weir is an indie-game making god. I don’t think I’m alone with this train of thought.

…The Majesty of Colors‘ was utterly incredible and genuinely heart-warming. Now Weir lets us see his other side – the slightly darker part to his brain. ‘Bars of Black and White‘ still has that sense of loneliness that Majesty portrayed, but this time around, there is no warm, fuzzy ending (of course, there was no nice ending to Majesty depending on how you played it).

It’s what internet gamers would call an ‘escape the room’ game and it’s a fascinating piece of work. While you can tell it was thrown together more quickly than his usual releases, it still oozes brilliance and demands to be played. And you should indeed play it – have a crack over on his blog site right now.

Oh, and if anyone manages to work out how to scan the damn barcodes, please tell me. Clearly I’m having one of my many stoopid days.




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