Pretty Platforming: Where is My Heart?

29 01 2009


Not only is it full of striking colours and small, fluffy-looking creatures, it’s also extremely odd.

This is ‘Where Is My Heart?’, work of Bernhard Schulenburg another of the IGF Student Showcase winners for 2009. A platformer at heart (ooh good one!), WIMH features some of the oddest yet coolest gameplay I’ve seen in a while and I love it.

Taking control of 3 little tykes by pressing 1, 2 or 3 to correspond to each, it’s all about collecting the hearts scattered around the level. Hearts can be released from the blocks in which they are contained by doing an upside-down Mario. That is, slamming your head on the top of a brick. Releasing hearts opens up new areas to explore. Simple as.


Or is it? With the 3 different characters comes the ability to make them work co-operatively, be it to stack on top of each other in order to reach higher areas, or to combine the 3 to create some kind of strange antler creature. Oh yes.

Then there’s other crazy goings-on. Certain head-butted blocks will give special abilities. One allows a creature to see hidden ledges which are normally inaccessable, and then allow both him and his friends to jump to areas they couldn’t before. Oh, there’s also a big tree which feeds on love.

It’s some crazy stuff. I know where my heart will be when Bernhard finally releases the full version. For now, you can grab the demo from his site.




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