Plain Sight: To Kill Oneself or Not To Kill Oneself

30 01 2009


I’ve been hearing tons about Plain Sight recently, so I decided to give it a go. I’m not really sure what to make of it.

Developed by Beatnik Games, the official site blurb tells me it is ‘a 3D multiplayer arcade game with robots, bombs, swords and messed-up physics’. A nice little comic also explains to me how to play – kill other robots, build up power, blow yourself up, score points. I got that.

The gameplay and controls feel a bit like Gunz Online, although I’m not sure how many of you will have played that. Springing into the air and hitting the dash button over and over, you’ll fly around the beautifully designed arenas, leaving trails of fluorescent pigment floating in your wake.


Get in range of a fellow player and your dash will become a slash and home in on your victim. If you do manage to stab the little blighter, you’ll be rewarded with power, which can then be used to self-destruction, earning you points. The more power stored up, the bigger then explosion and the more points gained.

I also get all that. I guess it’s just… the game as a whole that I don’t get. I spent a good 20 minutes flying around, admiring the crazy physics, the gorgeous backdrops and the scenes dotted with lines of colour which gave the impression that some aerobatics display team has come swooping in moments before. But I can’t really say I wholly enjoyed the experience.

I mean, I loved the initial rushing around, catapulting my little robotic friend as far and as high as was possible, and then stealing in for the kill. Eventually, however, it just turned into a button-basher. Whenever I spotted an enemy, I’d begin hammering the jump and dash/attack buttons in his direction until I was convinced enough that he was well and truly dead. Then I’d repeat.


I’m not going to put Plain Sight down just yet, though, as I feel that, for now, I am just missing something. Therefore Beatnik are getting the officially endorsed Independently Speaking ‘Benefit of the Doubt’ until I can decide whether I’m just being silly or whether it really is just that linearly boring. For now, give it a download and form your own opinion.




2 responses

31 01 2009

I agree. There is almost no gameplay here. It is about as engaging as a snow globe. I shook it, now I’m done. At least it was pretty.

31 01 2009

haha well I didn’t want to go THAT far, but yes, you are pretty much spot on, Jerkface 🙂

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