Global Game Jam Is Go! Details Emerge

31 01 2009


UPDATE: Check out our selection of the best this year’s Jam had to offer.

The Global Game Jam is now on and details have begun to emerge on the types of game the participants are expected to create.

Speaking to some of the guys from the various locations in the GGJ irc channel (, channel #globalgamejam), they have all been asked to design a game with the following rules in mind:

  • a complete play session must always last 5 minutes or less
  • the theme of the game should be: “As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems”
  • choose ONE of the following adjectives to incorporate in your game: “a, b or c”

“a, b or c” seemingly different in each city. While London have been given “In-between, Rushed or Growing”, Paris have  “Developing, Falsifying or Trapped” while Kyoto have “Sleepless, Cloudy or Destined”.

With dozens and dozens of different teams on the go creating a variety of crazy games (one of the teams in London are apparently working on their own version of Space Invaders – see below for their baddie ‘concept art’), we should see some amazing results at the end.





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