Best of Global Game Jam 09: Part 3

1 02 2009


Team 4lfa
Utrecht, Netherlands

Another artsy one which also sounds awesome too. Two players work together to try and keep a beat going. The better the timing, the better the beat sounds, the more full the music gets and the faster the sparks fly on screen. While it didn’t exactly keep my attention for a great amount of time, it definitely did wonders to my senses.


The Lemming Condemning
Hamar, Norway

A gloriously silly setup – stop the lemmings from falling off the tittering rock by firing cacti at them. It’s simple, it’s ridiculous and it put a smile on my face.


The Global Game Jam Game Jam Game!
Team 4!
Newport, Wales

Both the silliest name AND the silliest game I’ve come across so far. Rush around slapping the Global Jam developers to make sure they don’t fall asleep on the job. It’s an extremely simple game with terrible graphics, but I couldn’t help liking it. They may have possibly appealed to my love for needless violence, who knows.

Head over to part 4 of the ‘Best of’ guide for even more free delights.




4 responses

1 02 2009

This Global Game Jam was extremely brilliant ! Hope you could try the one I worked on 🙂 The ex chipendales Bob & Bob : Togeter in the dark

2 02 2009

It’s funny you should say that! I finished off my Best Of lists last night, then I wake up this morning and find your comment and… well, just check Part 5 🙂

2 02 2009
Videogame Visionary - Game industry, game studies, game culture. Making sense of it all. » Blog Archive » 24 Hours later. Pulse get its first attention

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3 02 2009
Mathijs Konings (teamcap Pulse)

I really enjoyed te GGJ. Respect for the people in and behind the scenes! I was very proud to be part of the great team that has created Pulse and be one of the winners of the Dutch chapter!

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