Best of Global Game Jam 09: Part 4

1 02 2009


Angouleme, France

Touching little collect-em-up with a bit of a sinister side. Collect the sparks which fly from the logfire and put them back to build the fire up and reveal the entire scene. Fail to grab a spark in time and it will burn a hole in the image. Pretty imaginative.


Sunbun in the Sky With Diamonds
Hamar, Norway

I’ll admit, I nearly was put off playing this due to the atrocious name, but I’m glad I did – it’s brilliant fun. Dodge the enemies’ bullets and destroy the baddies to make Sunbun grow bigger and bigger. Gets absolutely crazy with bullets and enemies all over the place.

gardenanticsGarden Antics
Madrid, Spain

The sheer oddness of this gardening bonanza drew me to share it with you. The animations are pretty bad and the collision detection definitely needs some work… but come on, the dog poos green! GREEN! That’s gotta be worth something.

See what else was shaking at the Jam in Part 5 of our guide.




2 responses

4 02 2009

The sunbun link is dead, I think it works if you drop the -0 at the end of it.

4 02 2009

Indeed it would appear so – obviously they have updated the game since I linked and the url has changed. Thanks very much for pointing it out!

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