Best of Global Game Jam 09: Part 1

1 02 2009


Propaganda: War of the Words
Team Propaganda
Tel Aviv, Israel

Multiplayer web-browser game in which players choose a message they want to shout out to the world, then fire cannons at everyone else in an attempt to make their message the largest. With round-based gameplay and crazy cannon-ball physics (plus, of course, lots of lovely nuke-like explosions) it’s a remarkable achievement.


Starry, Starry Night
The Gray Matter
Tel Aviv, Israel

Absolutely magical. Blow into your microphone to clear away the clouds and click the stars to join them up into a constellation. It looks beautiful and the idea itself is fantastic.


The Gravema Team
Yet Another Tel Aviv, Israel

Two-player gameplay, with one player controller a platforming character via the keyboard while a second player controls a blood-sucking bat using the mouse. The bat must suck from the neck of the man to win, while the man must jump around and smash the bat against the various obstacles in order to kill it. Pretty ingenious.

Check out Part 2 for even more goodness from this year’s Jam.




7 responses

1 02 2009

neat little games.
game jam does not dissapoint

3 02 2009

I’d also recommend checking out TIPOL: Pretty cool physics based platformer, and it was done in 3D also.

5 02 2009
30 07 2009

the gemes is very cool.while the man must jump around and smash…..

11 01 2010
21 06 2010

I´m currently playing a browser game called Aloriah, It´s a mmo strategy game and it has some new ideas to the genre. I recommend that you try it out =)

16 02 2011
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