Best of Global Game Jam 09: Part 6

2 02 2009


The Entropy Team
Boston, MA, USA

Brilliant painting excellence. Set land into a rotating planet and float clouds in the sky – then after 1 rotation, the view zooms out so you can admire your handiwork. You’ll spend the first minute in awe of the brilliance, then the last 2 minutes etching words, faces and god knows what into the sea.

lostcolorsLost Colors
Ankara, Turkey

Choatic 2-player madness. Playing as two balls, your mission is to escort the third red ball to his destination – however you’re being pelted with good and bad spheres. Catch the good, dodge the bad, make it to the end. Oh and don’t touch each other either – it’s baaad, mmkay?


Brown Cloud
The Kranzky Bros.
Perth, Australia

Another extremely odd one. Playing as the ‘King of Winds’, the objective is to fly around, suck in the brown clouds, spit them out as one big cloud… and repeat. Graphically it’s got some very nice effects going on – it’s just the brains of the Kranzky Bros then you have to wonder about…

And that ends the ‘Best Of’ series for Global Game Jam 2009! We’ve got a fantastically mixed bag, with some ingenious, some beautiful, some sinister and some downright ridiculous.

See you again next year, eh?




7 responses

3 02 2009
Lloyd Kranzky

What you call my crazy brain for?!?

But seriously… thanks for reviewing our game. Were you aware that there are five layers of cloud (white, red, blue, green and brown) and that you can travel between the layers with the q and e keys, or the mousewheel, or the shoulder buttons if you’re using a 360 controller?

Thanks again, and enjoyed reading all your mini-reviews. Ciao!

3 02 2009

Ah, that would explain things! I did manage to suck in the green clouds, but quite by accident, and I had no idea how I had done it – this definitely clears things up for me! Thanks for the tip, and I’m glad you enjoyed my rundowns 🙂

3 02 2009

Here is another:

In the game, we find ourselves a bug trying to survive on the skin of a reptile-like giant (relative to the bug of course). The problem is, the bug needs to run and eat the foods on the skin, but this makes the beast itchy, and he scratches the itchy places on his skin. We, the bug, cannot see his entire body, but we try to predict and escape his scratches by interpreting the noises he makes. The skin is clustered into irregular cells and regenerated every time, so we cannot memorize the map.

4 02 2009

I found this game. Obviously put together by complete stoners. Very mesmeric use of balls, squids and crabs.

4 02 2009
Doris C. Rusch

many thanks for reviewing “Entropy” (or “Om”, which is the more recent working title). Hopefully we’ll get around to making the music interactive too soon, which was the original plan – and then it’s not just about painting but also composing the harmony of the universe! Obviously, that was too ambitious for 48hrs ;-))))

9 02 2009

Just stumbled upon this blog via the “GGJ tag” from mine; and there’s some great stuff here. Look forward to reading more at your “new home”. 🙂

Regarding Brown Cloud – if you’d like to read about it & the other entries from Perth Australia, I’ve put up an interview, photos & screenshots here:

9 02 2009

Good list – though there are loads more games being added every day.

Here in Copenhagen we only got our upload passwords at the end of last week, and i’ve seen some good looking games from other countries added since then. Maybe you could consider doing a best of the rest list – we were told that the deadline for submitting was Sunday 8th, so the list should be pretty complete by then 🙂

It was a great weekend – a really cool experience that i’d recommend to anyone with any design/programming abilities and a love of games (and a body capable of withstanding constant caffiene intake and no sleep for 2 days straight).

And here comes the cheap plug – if you fancy then here’s our game (we won the audience award for best audio :D). Think siamese-pacman mated with geometry wars. Or sumin’. Hope you find it fun.

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