A New Dawn: Moved to Independently-Speaking.com

3 02 2009


Independently Speaking has moved! Well… kinda.

While Independently-Speaking.com used to redirect wuh-wuh-wuh surfers to the WordPress blog of the same name, Independently-Speaking.com is now the main site itself, with all site material available straight from there.

Have no fear! All links aimed at the WordPress blog will still get to their destinations un-harmed, while the RSS feed still works perfectly fine too! (even though I predicted that it wouldn’t)

So hail to the new, slicker site setup! But don’t you go worrying your little tooties there, mister – it’s still the exact same site, just with a cooler address.

Did I seriously just say ‘tooties’…




One response

4 02 2009

Your ‘Independently Speaking’ email address is broken and I can’t reply to it 🙂 Please mail me again at archive dot org from another email address! Ta 🙂

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