McMillen Names New Game ‘Spewer’

4 02 2009


You’d think Mr. McMillen has enough games on the go to worry about, but apparently not.

To be released in March, his next flash-based project has been given the name ‘Spewer’, a lovely title (and clearly a charming game, if the screenshot below is anything to go by). McMillen describes this latest flash-tastic as ‘a lot more in depth then the other flash games ive released recently’.

Oh, and the guy above? His name is ‘Dr. Cool’. Yep, we’re in for another weird one.





3 responses

27 12 2009

Hey shitass, im sitting next the creator of this game right now, and the name of the doctor is def not “Dr. Cool”. Try not producing an article from your anus shit for brains.

27 12 2009

Wow, thanks for the comment! Not been on my old site for a while, brings back some nice memories.

To answer your comment, Mr ‘GuyBro64’, this post was written way back in February. If you check out the post on Edmund’s site which I linked to, you may notice that the picture of the doctor is called ‘drcool.jpg’, which is quite the indication of what the character in said jpg is probably called.

Of course, this name was later changed and was most likely just a throwaway name given at the time. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and maybe you should check what you’re talking about next time you make such a comment as the above one, Mr ‘im sitting next the creator of this game right now’ haha šŸ™‚

24 01 2010

how do i play it?

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