Stuff I Gone Done in July: Interviews, Beta Rooms and Walkthroughs

4 08 2010

As mentioned previously, July was the month I started writing about games full-time. Since that decision, quite a considerable amount of fortune has come my way. I’m now freelancing for the likes of, Strategy Informer and Resolution Magazine, in addition to all the sites I was already smithing words for.  I also received an email from Justin McElroy at Joystiq regarding my word-to-site services, but then nothing more. Which was a bit odd. Maybe my being British put him off.

Anyway, here’s some interesting stuff I did this month.

  • I visited the Playstation Beta Rooms press event, played some games, drank free booze and chatted with some Playstation employees who were alarmingly – and refreshingly – open about what they thought of the games on show. Upon pointing out to one of them that upcoming PSN title Dead Nation was pretty much Left 4 Dead + Alien Swarm, he paused for a moment before replying “Yeeeeah… it’s kinda come at a bad time, hasn’t it?” Anyway, I’ve done a series of previews from the show, two of which are already online – LittleBigPlanet 2 and Killzone 3.
  • Written a couple of reviews for Resolution Magazine, both of quite disappointing games – Commander: Conquest of the Americas and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.
  • I spent 8 hours writing a full walkthrough for the excellent Limbo. 8 hours! It was totally worth it, though, helping DIYGamer smash their monthly hit target.
  • I’ve started doing a series of interviews for Gamasutra and GameSetWatch with well-known indie developers., including the likes of Alex Vostrov, Dejobaan Games and Nitrome.

I’ve also done lots more, but I don’t want to appear (too) boring, so I’m going to stop there. Expect more interviews, reviews and job-gets in August.




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