New Jobs, A Minecraft Trip and My Upcoming Book

3 03 2011

Plenty has happened since my last update, so I thought it was about time I talked about it. First up, I’ve got a couple of big writing gigs at the moment – I’m the UK editor for Gamasutra, and the Handheld editor for Pocket Gamer. I hold both in the highest regards, so it’s pretty exciting times.

I’m continuing on with all my freelancing stuff too, writing AAA reviews for Strategy Informer and casual gaming reviews for Gamezebo. And of course, I’m still the editor at I probably will be for, like, ever.

Talking of indie games, I took an exciting trip last month to the Mojang headquarters in Sweden. Apart from interviewing Notch about the wonderful Minecraft (and getting some free stuff, as the accompanying photo suggests!), and I was also there to find out about their next game, the now-revealed Scrolls. I did an exclusive interview for Gamasutra that can be found here.

Finally, I’ve got something veeery awesome on the way – a book! I’ve spent the last 3 months writing “250 Indie Games You Must Play”, and have hopefully outlined some of the best indie releases to date. My hope is that people who aren’t familiar with indie gaming can pick up the book on a whim, and become fully acquainted with the scene. Those people already knowledgeable on the topic will hopefully want to pick up a copy as a momento too!

The book is due for release on April 7th, and can already be pre-ordered from Amazon (although I believe the price is going to drop a fair bit!). I’m going to set-up a standalone page on this site for the book, so I can keep track of what’s going on with it, how it’s doing, who is talking about it etc.

That’s your lot for now!




8 responses

3 03 2011
Marco Fiori

Fantastic news Mike, so pleased for you that everything’s going well.

3 03 2011
Michael Rose

Cheers Marco! Hope all is good with you too šŸ™‚

3 03 2011
Ben Chandler

Am of course pretty excited about the book! šŸ˜€

I own basically *no* game related books yet šŸ˜¦

3 03 2011
Michael Rose

Yeah, I noticed there was a distinct lack of indie gaming books available, so I thought hey, I can fill that gap šŸ™‚

3 03 2011
Peter Eykemans

Mike, this is all stupendous news. Congratulations! Looking forward to checking out your book.

3 03 2011

Sounds like you’re living the dream and I’m really happy for you šŸ™‚
Also genuinely excited for your book as I’m someone who’d love to know more about indie games! I know the big ones but I can confidently say, there are a hell of a lot I don’t know about.

3 03 2011
Michael Rose

Cheers Peter, hopefully it will be a fun read!

And cheers Jen, yeah that was the main idea, should help to fill in the gaps in between the bigger releases

29 08 2015

I’ve been professionally gaming for 20 years and I love this.

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