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12 04 2011

So much truth. Been dual-weilding for ten years and begin to panic without a second screen.

12 04 2011
Michael Rose

I think I would even go as far as to say that I feel claustrophobic when I’m using a single monitor!

12 04 2011

I’ve had dual monitors since 2005, originally had a 12″ laptop and needed something bigger to see, but to still be portable just incase dinosaurs came back to life. Never really liked it though. But I think that’s down to my dual monitors always being different brands (Apple’s own display+Dell, naww man).
Nice for video editing though. I like to use the smaller display as a full screen preview window.

12 04 2011

When I joined EA they gave me a dual monitor setup and I’ve been spoiled ever since. My home setup is a little less than ideal since one monitor is actually a TV: larger and brighter but lower res. But is still quite nice 🙂

12 04 2011
Michael Rose

Yeah, someone else was telling me earlier that they use a TV as one of their monitor. That just sounds mental to me!

12 04 2011

If using a TV as one monitor sounds mental, you’re gonna love this: I still use a CRT as my primary display. 😀 Yeah, welcome back to the stone age.

Call me crazy or spoiled, but I just can’t get the color scheme the way I like it on TFTs. It all looks so… poor, strange and unnatural. It’s just depressing.

23 05 2012

Hiya Johnny,Frustrating yes, but it can only be a few things. Lets qkcluiy narrow down the possibilities with no long explanations.1. Eliminate The Obvious: The Monitor and Cable, are they working properly or not? Test this by attaching both to a different computer.***If they work on another computer, forget about cables, pins etc.., the monitor cable are fine which leaves the Notebook.****If the issue occurs on the other computer, inspect the cable ends for damage, and take the power supply down to Radio Shack for a free power output test. If it is malfuncioning you should have a 1 year manufacturers warranty, cash in on this.Opening the Notebook is not an option so if you use Windows, try these actions 1 at a time.*Is the monitor correctly listed in Device Manager? Remove the wrong monitor add the correct one.*Raising the refresh rate to 75Hz could do the trick. *Boot to Safe Mode (Press F8 just as Windows starts) and completely remove the device driver and any related software. Reboot and reinstall the display adapter device drivers related.If you do these things 1 at a time you will probably get it working or need a new monitor or cable. I am sure that you will find the problem pretty quick.GOOD LUCKAny questions, just e-mail : )

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