Top 10 Things That Happened To Mike Rose In 2011

27 12 2011

Did you know that making best of lists is a thing that happens at the end of each year? Of course you did, it’s bloody well everywhere. Top 10 lists bring in the hits, since people can’t help clicking on lists so that they can find out whether to furiously disagree or quietly accept.

And so, as is Internet Tradition, I did a list that will no doubt bring in the hits. You have, I’m sure, found yourself wondering what were the best things that happened to me this year. Here’s are my TOP 10 (in order of awesomeness):

My new place: I moved from an apartment in the hustle and bustle of Manchester town centre to the peace and quiet of a house in the outskirts of Manchester. I definitely do not miss drunks screaming outside my window at 4 every morning.

iMake: I started a small project with a few friends that is going to evolve into something a bit special in 2011. You know when dev teams say “We’re making a smartphone game unlike anything seen before it”? Well, we’re making a smartphone game. You’ll probably have seen things like it before. But it’ll be bloody good fun, let me assure you.

Portal 2: Oh god best game ever.

30 Under 30: I made MCV’s 30 Under 30 list, which was nice! Being appreciated is always a pleasant experience.

GDCE panel: I was part of a panel at GDC Europe in the summer, which mixed indie game PR with Britain’s Got Talent. It was rate fun, and hopefully useful to the people watching!

Indie Royale: If you follow me on Twitter, you know about Indie Royale, because I wouldn’t shut up about it. From January, I won’t be doing it anymore (due to the thing that’s at position #1 in this list) but founding it with Simon C and Scott R is something I’m very glad I did.

Book: Again, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know about this. I wrote a book called “250 Indie Games You Must Play“. It sold about 600 copies or something I think. Pretty proud to have written a whole book. A whole book! Written by me!

Pocket Gamer: I did an internship at Pocket Gamer in 2010. This year saw me taking up a proper position there as Handheld Editor, covering the 3DS launch + abysmal year + sudden incredible Christmas comeback, and smatterings of PS Vita stuff here and there. I did that job from March-November, at which point I quit to work on Indie Royale (which I have now also quit because of the thing at #1 in this list). It looks like I’ll be doing more stuff for Pocket Gamer in 2012 though, just in a different genre.

Gamasutra: In February I started at Gamasutra as their UK Editor, and I’ve been doing it since. It’s a really beautiful gig, working with lots of legends, getting a ton of fantastic experience, and ACTUALLY LOVING MY JOB, which is exactly what I set out to do all those years ago. I hope it continues onwards as it is for a good long while.

Baby: Of course it’s number one. I’m having a kid! A boy, coming in Late Jan/Early Feb, so work is taking a bit of a backseat while I prepare myself. Very excited, and not being put of one bit by all the people saying “Oh, you just can’t understand how hard it’s going to be, oh my gooood it’s tough”. Have you ever noticed how all those people who say these things don’t have kids, and usually aren’t even in a relationship? We are a worry-mongering race, aren’t we.

So there we go – what a year. Good thing I got all that in before the world ends too. Have a good new year everyone!




3 responses

27 12 2011

Well, congratulations are in order I suppose. Hope everything gets even better in 2012 for you and yours. Mind you, I particularly loved that book… Cheers my friend!

28 12 2011
Will Wilson

This is easily my favourite top 10 list on the interwebz 😉 Congratulations again on the baby, Mike! Have you guys decided on a name yet?

28 12 2011
Michael Rose

We’re not 100% on it, but we do have one that we think is ‘the one’. Keeping it under wraps until we are definitely sure 🙂

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