How to play JS Joust Hide and Seek

3 01 2013

joust hide n seek1) Wait until night time
2) Turn out all the lights
3) Everyone go and find a room to hide in
4) Activate your Move controller
5) Decide whether you think your hiding place is so good that it’s worth staying there, or whether you might as well go looking for other people
6a) If you chose to hide:
– Attempt to shield your Move controller as well as possible such that the ball isn’t lighting the room up and giving away your position
– Wait until someone enters the room and is sufficiently jump-prone, then leap from your hiding space (making sure not to set off your own controller in the process) and make a huge noise of your choosing
– If that doesn’t do it, engage is regular Joust battle
6b) If you chose to hunt:
– Move slowly but surely around the house, entering rooms by either flinging the door open or by batting the door back and forth, just in case combatant is hiding behind the door
– When you discover someone, make sure not to drop your controller in fright, then use your positional advantage to box them into their hiding place and slap the Move controller out of their hand
– Once opponent is beaten, move on to next room

– Use items around the room to your advantage. Because it’s dark, your hunter won’t notice a book hitting them in the face until it’s too late.
– Sometimes the best hiding places are right out in the open. If it’s dark enough and you can hide your Move controller under your top, suddenly throwing an arm out in someone’s eyeline can have great effect.
– 3 on 3 team games can work just as well: 3 people have 20 seconds to hide, then the other 3 go looking for them, preferably splitting up such that team-mates hear them screaming from various places around the house as a game progresses.

(Tom took the photo)